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Andhra Pradesh Education Board executes and operates all major functions regarding the Examination Conduction for secondary and intermediate institutions. This includes the evaluation and certification of the students in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Headquartered in Gollapudi,  AP Board also focuses its resources on developing a better and effective curriculum and its enactment on the schools that fall under its control. It is created to address- affiliation, accreditation, recognition and certification demands of the schools, teachers, and students for their excelling performance in the scholastic field.AP Board of Education is responsible for providing affiliation as well as authorization to schools and institutions. The intermediate board also has the duty to provide proper and accurate certificates to the students from different classes in secondary school

                                                            Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

About Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education: The Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh is also referred to as Directorate of Examinations. Established in 1953, it works as an independent body below the Andhra Pradesh Department of Education. AP SSC Board controls and overlooks the Higher Secondary education system in Andhra. AP Board is responsible for implementing and administering several activities that include designing study courses, suggesting syllabus, organizing examinations and providing inter results, providing affiliation to schools and institutions. It also provides direction, assistance, and headship to all secondary education institutes. Directorate of Examinations is an autonomous department that works under the Secondary Education Board, APBE for conducting exams and releasing SSC results. This body is entitled with the responsibility of conducting SSC and OSSC Public Examinations (two-times annually) and various minor tests that address the proper rules and certification:

                                                            Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate education

About Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education: The Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education is the office division that looks over the intermediary learning under Andhra Board of Education. Founded in the year 1971, it is headquartered in Gollapudi city in Andhra Pradesh. This body authorizes and provides 2-year courses for 85 subject streams and organizes tests for the same. Intermediate classes are the Higher Secondary classes or HSC in every school, and all academic decisions for these are regulated by the Andhra Pradesh state board. Each student, here, receives proper training in the subject and practical command. The boards address functions for environmental enhancement, ethical and moral learning, committing to the work and devoting their service to the nation and its future. The main aim of the AP Education Board is towards making the generation as "Nation's Potential Human Resource

                                                            Andhra Pradesh Technical Board (APTB)

About Andhra Pradesh Technical Board: The Andhra Pradesh Technical Board department was held and controlled by the Director of Public Instruction during the emergence of Andhra Pradesh. This was done to enhance the pace of the evolution of Technical Education. It is the state board of technical education and training Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Technical Education manages and oversees the Diploma level of technical learning and that it is running simultaneously with the recent industry needs. It also sees the overall unique individual development of the student. This state board comprises the social issues to make them ambitious and driven for the tech-led organizations.

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