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Welcome to the Board of Higher Secondary Education

About Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education: The Board of Secondary Education of Andhra Pradesh is also referred to as Directorate of Examinations. Established in 1953, it works as an independent body below the Andhra Pradesh Department of Education. AP SSC Board controls and overlooks the Higher Secondary education system in Andhra. AP Board is responsible for implementing and administering several activities that include designing study courses, suggesting syllabus, organizing examinations and providing inter results, providing affiliation to schools and institutions. It also provides direction, assistance, and headship to all secondary education institutes. Directorate of Examinations is an autonomous department that works under the Secondary Education Board, APBE for conducting exams and releasing SSC results. This body is entitled with the responsibility of conducting SSC and OSSC Public Examinations (two-times annually) and various minor tests that address the proper rules and certification:

• 1st Year D. Ed Public Examinations
• 2nd year D. Ed Public Examinations
• C.L.I. Sc Examinations
• Technical TTC Examination
• Technical Certificate Course Examination

This state education board, office in Gollapudi is an autonomous group that functions below the service and additional assistance of the SSC AP board. This division is obligated with managing SSC public exams and other secondary and high school education assessments in AP Gollapudi.

Andhra Pradesh Board participates in making of curriculum and syllabus for all affiliated schools and prescribing textbooks for Government assent and produces board results. Also, getting new AP secondary board institutions registered and updating the register of schools for the state. Board also has to give advises to state regarding various matters, school hours and vacation lists for the students to follow. It might differ according to the classes like can be different for 6th-8th and different for higher classes. The dates of internal examinations and rules are also listed by the secondary education department. Examinations: Organizing and running the main and supplement examinations every year during March and October for 12th and 10th class SSC board Andhra. The 10th class board is held for over 7 lakh students in around 355 centers. For these the question papers are set in different languages like Hindi, English, and Telugu; and 101 subjects are considered. For the 12th classes, in 158 centers over 2 lakh students appear for the examination on 168 subjects. Just like the 10th SSC board, the question papers are made in 3 languages- English, Hindi, and Telugu. Board of Education also organizes a Talent hunt for 35,000 students from 8th and 9th in five major subjects. Research & Development These divisions of the education board address research assignments which results in the publishing of research papers. It carries out training courses for examining the teachers, officers, and other employees. This division publishes a magazine with articles on several secondary school education-related issues. These are distributed across the AP state board schools for free. They also organize Academic Panel inspections to polish and shape the falling school standards.