About Us

Welcome to Andhra Pradesh Technical Board

The Andhra Pradesh Technical Board department was held and controlled by the Director of Public Instruction during the emergence of Andhra Pradesh. This was done to enhance the pace of the evolution of Technical Education. It is the state board of technical education and training Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Technical Education manages and oversees the Diploma level of technical learning and that it is running simultaneously with the recent industry needs. It also sees the overall unique individual development of the student. This state board comprises the social issues to make them ambitious and driven for the tech-led organizations.

• Designing and developing the curriculum for the Diploma, Post Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses
• Provide affiliation and instructions to the aspiring institutions; that is run through APTB's programs
• Perform scholastic surveillance for the institutions that are granted affiliation; via Curriculum Implementation and Assessment Norms (CIAAN)
• Arrange Faculty Development and Training Programs. For example updating content training, SOFT skill training, and industrial training, management learning, and last- hands-on skills training for polytechnic teachers
• Provide correspondence to the programs proffered by the independent polytechnics & other similar organizations.
• Board organizes and conducts examinations, looks over the evaluation process of the answer sheets, announce results for 10th and 12th classes and distribute certificates.
• Advise and suggest starting of Diploma level technical Institutions, variance in the intake ability and shutdown of the institutions.
• Award the state level ranker and scorer students with the Merit Certificates. Recommend advanced standards for the curricula and syllabi and come up with proper class-wise question papers
• Develop and design a structured curriculum based in the syllabus and course of the Diploma program
• Create Lab instruction book, provide Textbooks and other learning hardcopies and CAI Packages for the better learning procedure
• Review the curriculum and syllabus for the present ongoing programs routinely for scientific reasons by organizing search discussion, studying advancements in technology, updated market needs, analysis of jobs, etc.
• Manage the control of the independent scholastic programs of the Polytechnics; outside the state of Maharashtra.
• Manage the external programs, consultancy and various other assignments linked to the commencement of examinations and technical learning
• Coordinate Career fairs and conferences to advertise technical education; particularly in the remote locations
• Arrange technical competitions for APTB State level. Like Technical Quizzes, Students Paper Presentation, etc.
• Allot scholarships and certification to the worthy and deserving scorer. Also organizing the MSCIT Examinations online is under its duties.