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Welcome to Andhra Pradesh Board of Education

Last date for payment of examination fee under TATKAL for C00, C-05,C-08 AND C09schemes has been extended up to 29-10-2012

Welcome to APBE

 "Andhra Pradesh Board of Education" was set up in the state in May,1958. The Board conducted its first examination in 1960,for courses of diploma level and also for Certificate Course. The name of the state Board was changed from "Board Of Technical Education" to Andhra Pradesh Board of Education in 1962.

It has a chairman , vice-chairman and 40 members ,named by the state government .Secretary ,Board of Technical Education ,A.P. is ex-officio member secretary of  the Board.Bulletin Board

The curriculum prepared by other institutions was adopted by the Board, till 1980 but thereafter the curriculum and syllabi were developed and revised, every five years at the Board level through its Curriculum development centre.

The curriculum development work has been entrusted to I.R.D.T. . The Board now examine and approve the syllabus developed by IRDT and prescribe it for institutions affiliated to Board of Technical Education, A.P. 

About 38,000 students in the following 52 different disciplines of one year, two year, three year and four year durations are being examined at present, in the institutions, affiliated to the Board.

The Board of has been constituted under "A.P. Adhiniyam - 1962".It has a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman and 40 memebers nominated by the state Government. Secretary ,Board Of Technical Education is ex-officio member secretary of the Board .

Function of the  Board

1. To affiliate institutions and prescribed courses of study and instructions leading to examinations conducted by it  .

2. To prescribe standards for buildings and equipments of affiliated institutions .

3. To prescribe educational qualifications and other standards for the members of staff of affiliated institutions.

4. To prescribe educational qualifications for admission of students to affiliated institutions.

5. To Prescribe the manner of admission of students to affiliated institutions.

6. To conduct and publish the result of the examinations of students and awarding the diploma certificates to the successful candidates.

7. To advise the state Govt. on coordinated development of the Technical Education and Training.

Power of the  Board

The board shall subject to the provisions of the "A.P. Adhiniyam - 1962" and the rules made there under have all such powers as may be necessary for the discharge of its functions and the performance of its duties under this act or the rules or regulations made there under.


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